About Us

About YMCA Training

YMCA Training is a national charity with an impressive track record in transforming the lives of young people and adults through work-related apprenticeship training and employment support. We work closely with individuals and employers throughout the UK to develop personal, vocational and work-related skills that lead to employment. 

Working from our own training centres and employers' premises throughout England, we are proud to be part of Central YMCA, the world's founding YMCA, established in 1844.  

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Working with Individuals

It is our goal to ensure that each participant reaches their full potential, and our teams of dedicated YMCA Training experts are committed to providing gold standard levels of tuition, guidance and support to guarantee results.
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Working with Organisations and Employers

Working closely with a wide range of partners, including the Skills and Funding Agency and the Young People’s Learning Agency, we are proud to have developed the talent of employees for many of Britain’s most successful multinational companies including Tesco and B&Q, as well as for organisations like the British Heart Foundation. 

Through our employer partnerships, we deliver highly flexible, tailored YMCA Training courses in key skills and NVQs, to suit industry requirements. 

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