What we offer

Our extensive range of programmes meet a broad selection of training and skills needs. Some of the areas we cover include staff training for employees, preparation for employment, and a range of specialist needs.

Available programmes through YMCA Training


Bespoke assistance and training to help schools and students achieve better results.

Study Programme for 16-19- year-olds

These programmes are ideal for young people as an alternative to college, to assist them to continue developing the skills needed for the workplace.

Apprenticeships, Advanced Apprenticeships, and NVQs

Opportunities for participants to gain further skills and qualifications, while they are earning.

Employment skills and job search training

These specialist modules are embedded in all our programs and are designed to offer governement initiatives to upskill participants with various requirements to assist them with returning to employment.

Specialist programmes

We are always aim to benefit those in our local community, so we are keen to identify ways to tailor our schemes to meet the needs of specialist groups and young parents.

Staff training

We work with employers to build professional courses for their businesses that meet specific needs and knowledge gaps among their employees.