YMCA Training was created during the deep recession and mass unemployment of the late 1970s to help young people find new opportunities through work and training, and to give them the chance to play a more fulfilling role in their communities.

This focus on developing talent and providing opportunities for employment remains at the heart of what we do, and has been consistently and successfully developed through specialist support and vocational training across many sectors and specialisms.

A 21st century organisation

YMCA Training is part of Central YMCA, the world’s first YMCA, which also includes a leading Awarding Organisation, London's largest fitness facility - the flagship YMCA, and YMCAfit - one of the UK's leading trainers of fitness professionals.

The global YMCA movement

The YMCA was founded in 1844 by George Williams, when working in London as a Draper's apprentice. Since then, the YMCA has grown into a worldwide organisation, with in excess of an estimated 65 million members from over 120 countries.

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