Whether you’re a 16-18 school leaver, or a working professional looking to upskill and retrain, we have something to meet your needs.

Are you fresh out of school, looking for a vocational course to kick start your career? Do you need help finding work experience? Are you ready to apply for an apprenticeship?

As an OFSTED accredited education provider – we’ll make sure that you have the right tools to do a good job with the opportunity and progress with confidence.

Fitness Training Academy 

Get into the fitness industry with a fully-funded two-year course for 16-18-year-olds.  Enrolment open for September 2020.

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Being an apprentice offers great opportunities

Apprenticeships aren’t like other types of training; it’s work-based. You’ll also get paid whilst you’re learning. As an apprentice, you work closely with professionals who give you the support you need to do your job properly and progress.