Apprentice Early Years Practitioner (Advanced)

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    Leeds, Yorkshire and the Humber
  • Salary

    £3.40 per hour
  • Posted

  • Closes

    31st May 2017
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    Childcare and Nursery
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Apprentice Early Years Practitioner (Advanced)

Opportunity description

To support the delivery of a stimulating and effective curriculum, which will enhance each individual child’s emotional, social, physical, and intellectual development and needs by following the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum. To provide high quality child that empowers and involves every child and their families

Responsible for:


Ø  To provide high quality care for children and their families

Ø  To provide a broad and balanced curriculum that meets the requirements of the relevant National and Local standards

Ø  To understand the Physical, Intellectual, Communication, Emotional and Social needs of the children.

Ø  To demonstrate a welcoming and understanding approach to parents and carers and assist in offering support where necessary.

Ø  To establish Individual Educational Programme (IEP) for children with Special Educational Needs (SEN)

Ø  Observe, monitor, and maintain written records to ensure children’s developmental progress

Ø  To liaise and provide advice to parents and other professionals involved with the child

Ø  To maintain confidentiality, respect, and equality

Ø  To supervise students and nursery assistants.

Ø  To assist in the preparation of reports and profiles.

Ø  To report any injury or accident ensuring that health and safety of the individual is maintained and policies and procedures are followed.

Ø  To organise and participate in interesting and appropriate educational visits for children and families observing health and safety policies and making risk assessments           

Ø  Ensure that opportunities are provided for children to develop a knowledge and understanding of the world around them in an equal opportunity setting.

Ø  Ensure that play provides children with understanding of the diversity of the community and ensure all work is completed in an anti-oppressive manner.

Ø  To report any suspicious or suspected non-accidental injury following the companies Safeguarding policies and procedures.

Ø  To comply with the requirements of all Emma’s Angels Day Nursery Ltd policies, procedures and health and safety requirements.

Ø  To be a key person

Ø  To attend training courses, that will develop your skills and better your knowledge within the field.

Ø  To meet targets set and carry out research as necessary in your own time.

Ø  To carry out relevant duties as directed by the head of room, deputy manager or manager.



Main Tasks of Position


1.    Key person

2.    To complete targets and research that is set by senior staff on time and accurately.  Some of this may be in your own time.

3.    To complete necessary paperwork including accident forms, observations, and planning forms correctly and accurately.

4.    Friendly and welcoming approach to parents and carers.

5.    Follow and implement an effective and fun curriculum.

6.    Work as part of a team.

7.    To attend team meetings

8.    Nappy changing and personal hygiene support.

9.    Support at meal times.

10. Attend training courses

11. To lead by example

Support head of room